Placed in a hill viewing of Tagus River, the historical city of Santarém is one of the oldest interesting places of the Region of the Ribatejo.
Named Praesidium Julium by romans it was one of the most important Portuguese fortress, according to its privileged  position to observe the enormous plain. The roman Scalabis become later the Calabicastro of “barbarous” who that have invaded it.
Some years later, it became Sancta Irena and after Chantarim during the muslim domination, that was taken by the force of arms of  D. Afonso Henriques, in the year  of 1147.
Considered to be the Gothic’s Capital in Portugal, Santarém owns a huge set of monuments built in this style, due to the development of the medieval villa, when kings of the first dynasty had their residence in Santarem.
Along with the older historical events also passed in Santarém the revolutionary movement that brought in the genesis of the democracy. It was from the Escola Prática de Cavalaria of this city that, in the dawn of 25 of April of 1974, left the military column that, in Lisbon, and under the command of Captain Salgueiro Maia put an end to the dictatorship of half a century that oppressed Portugal.
Santarém promotes, each year, in Casa do Campino the “National Festival of Gastronomy”, where all the lovers of gastronomy can taste the best of the Ribatejo cuisine, in October.
Some economic and cultural dynamic in the city come, annually, from National Agriculture Fair, in the beginning of June, or the City Day, in March, wich is closely allied to the Expo Child, an event specially dedicated to children under 12 years old.
At this moment, Santarém has about 30 000 inhabitants, a lot of them are University Students.
The distance between Santarém and Lisbon is about 50 minutes by train or highway. 


From Lisbon Airport (LIS) known as Aeroporto Humberto Delgado – The conference venue is located 47 minutes away by car from Lisbon Airport (LIS). You can rent a car right at the airport. If you decide to take public transportation, once you arrive to the airport, you should:

1. Get the metro from airport to “Oriente” (red line; €1,45; 3 stops and 6 minutes)
2. And then get the train at Lisboa – Oriente railway station to Santarém (35 minutes if you get a fast train)
3. At Santarém railway station take a taxi to the venue or hotel , or the red line City Bus = Scalabus 3 | Estação CP – Politécnico.

From Oporto Airport
1. Get the metro at the airport, direction “Estádio do Dragão”, to railway station “Campanhã” (purple line Z4; 33 minutes; 19 stops)
2. And then get the train at Porto – Campanhã railway station to Santarém (IC train takes around 2h23)

From Faro Airport
1. Once you arrive, get a taxi at the airport to Faro railway station (it will take around 10 minutes); or get a Bus “circuito 16” (around 20 minutes)
2. And then get the train to Santarém.

There are frequent trains to Santarém Station.
See more in CP Comboios de Portugal
The fastest trains from Santa Apolonia and Oriente take around 40 minutes to Santarém.
Local buses connect to the center every 30 minutes or so from Santarém Station

What is the distance between the conference venue to public transportation (e.g., bus/train) The railway station is 7 minutes away by car / taxi and 20 minutes by bus from the Polytechnic campus (venue). There is a bus stop inside the Polytechnic campus (venue)

Santarém is a privileged city in terms of road communication, with connection to the main roads in Portugal.
Directly connected with A1 – Norte highway to Lisbon (generally less than 50 minutes) or: Fátima, Coimbra, Porto.
By the A13Pinhal Interior Highway  from Marateca – Algarve to Coimbra and A15Atlântico Highway  from Santarém to Óbidos


Participants are expected to make their own arrangements for accommodation. A list of recommended hotels in Santarém is provided below.
Be aware that tourism is booming in Santarém and October is a popular period. Be sure to book in advance.

Santarém Hotel ****
Av. Madre Andaluz  |  Tel.: +351 243 330 800

To book: geral@santaremhotel.net 

GPS: 39º13′ 22.8″ N  •  8º 41′ 30.8″ W

Hotel UMU
Av. Bernardo Santareno, 38  |  Tel.: +351 243 377 240

To book: reservas@umu.pt 

GPS: 39º14′ 27.8″ N  •  8º 41′ 19.1″ W

Hotel Vitória
Rua 2.º Visconde de Santarém, 19/21  |  Tel.: +351 243 309 130

To book: hotelvitoriasantarem@gmail.com 

GPS: 39º13′ 56.6″ N  •  8º 41′ 19.1″ W


Santarém Hostel (A.L..)
Rua Engenheiro António Antunes Junior, 26  |  Tel.: +351 243 322 256 / Mob.: 965 832 702
To book: santaremhostel@sapo.pt 
GPS: 39º14′ 07.9″ N  •  8º 41′ 06.5″ W

N1 Hostel (A.L.)
Avenida dos Combatentes, 80  |  Tel.: +351 243 350 140
To book: info@n1hostelapartments.com
GPS:39º13′ 59.8″ N  •  8º 41′ 24.4″ W

Casa da Alcáçova (T.H.)
Largo da Alcáçova , 3/4/5  |  Tel.: +351 243 304 030
To book: slcs@mac.com
GPS: 39º14′ 03.4″ N  •  8º 40′ 36.1″ W

Casa da Alcáçova (T.H.)
Largo da Alcáçova , 3/4/5  |  Tel.: +351 243 304 030
To book: slcs@mac.com
GPS: 39º14′ 03.4″ N  •  8º 40′ 36.1″ W

Casa Cunha (A.L.)
Rua Prof. Dr. Francisco Luz Rebelo Gonçalves, 9-3.º Esq.  |  Tel.: +351 919 062 825 / 916 557 790
To book: alcasacunha@gmail.com 
GPS: 39º14′ 31.07″ N  •  8º 41′ 30.01″ W

Casa das Flores (A.L.)
Rua Prof. Dr. Francisco Luz Rebelo Gonçalves, 9-3.º Esq.  |  Tel.: +351 919 062 825 / 916 557 790
To book: alcasacunha@gmail.com
GPS: 39º14′ 31.07″ N  •  8º 41′ 30.01″ W 


  +351 243 309 520